Workspace Mobility Breaks (graphic)

This post / project is inspired by two things.

1/ I just finished reading a book. Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton (you’ll want to go to that link sometime, because you can actually get a lot of the information from the book there). Guys, typography is so interesting!

2/ I read many things, I learn many things, and to my dismay, I forget many things. Sometimes I accidentally forget. Sometimes I plan ahead and make notes. Sometimes I lose those notes.

When reading on one of my other interests of late (mobility), I encountered a section I wanted to take notes on. So, inspired by a typography book, I decided to create my notes using fun type and colours, and put them somewhere I would be very hard-pressed to lose: this blog.

Please note: I did not come up with these. They are pulled from Deskbound by Kelly Starrett (physical therapist and mobility superstar), with my notes added. Because these are essentially my notes, so there may be spelling mistakes. If you find them you can tell me. Because I’ve read the book, I understand them. They are not comprehensive instructions, so do not treat them as such. And please don’t hurt yourself trying the exercises.

Workplace Mobility Breaks Image



1/ Neck Movement

Up, down, side to side. Continuous movement or holding.

2/ Wrist Roll

10 rotations clockwise, 10 counter. Keep switching.

3/ Quad Smash

Press ball into quads. Contract and relax. Roll.

4/ Glute Smash

Sit on the ball. Contract and relax. Move around.

5/ Anterior Neck Mobilization

Tack ball on neck. Twist ball. Turn head in directions.

6/ Forearm Smash

Drive ball into arm. Move hand around.

7/ Foot Smash

Put ball under foot. Put pressure. Roll.

8/ Wrist Mobility

Alternate pressing palms down and palms up.


1/ Split Squat

Make two 90 degree angles. 10/side.

2/ Arm Circles

10 circles each arm, each direction. Slow and precise.

3/ Forward Bend

From standing, bend forward, rounding back evenly.

4/ Rotation

Stand. Twist gently to each side.

5/ Squats

5-10 full range of motion. Then hold in bottom.

6/ Shoulder Opener

Arms overhead. Swing around and down. Steady shoulders.

7/ Shoulder / Chest Opener

Stretch towel between hands. Lift over and behind back. Repeat with hands closer.

8/ Michael Phelps

Hinge forward at hips. Spread arms out. Hug self. (aka swimmer stretch)


I actually think this type of thing is very important. I have a job that requires sitting at a desk for long periods of time. I am still young. Now is the time to protect my body from being negatively impacted by my career choice – not when it’s already too late.

The idea with these is you take 2 minutes every 30 minutes at your desk and do one of them. For the full 2 minutes. If you have the normal work day (approx 8 hours), these will last you all day at that rate. But writing them out, making the infographic, and putting them here, I’m hoping I’ll have a better chance at doing them. At the very least, they won’t get lost or accidentally thrown out, which is absolutely a step in the right direction.

The thought is, every time I find something from a book I want to write down, I’ll design a graphic or document that includes the content. Three in one: practicing my design skills, trying new techniques, and creating notes that won’t get lost.