learn & make, a project

I’m all about learning. For your entire life.

Aside from the fact that we’re constantly learning from everything around us all the time (thanks, psych degree!).

I’m talking about the intentional stuff. Where you borrow a book from the library and learn something new. Or read a few articles online written by an expert in their field (which we all know turns into way more than a few and then somehow you find yourself on Facebook). Or take a physical class from a local organization. Or an online one.

So many options, and I love it. I’ll be asking questions and learning forever, because I can’t get enough.

I thought I’d share my most recent learning idea and take you along for the ride.

Right now, the idea is to borrow books from the library, learn from them, then make something based on what I’ve learned.

And by something, I mean literally anything. But since I’m a web designer, the somethings will likely be related to that. Sounds simple enough, but we’ll find out!


Book 1

Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug

I’ve been reading this book for the last few weeks. It’s all about usability for websites and the things you need to know, consider, and do to help make your website as usable as possible.

This book is excellent. As Steve himself mentions (probably in nicer words), when you read through the book you think to yourself “yeah, of course you’d thing/do/consider that, it’s obvious and makes sense”. The thing is, we definitely need reminders of all the things he talks about, even if they seem simple obvious. They need to constantly be brought up or else they’re at risk of being forgotten, simple or not.

So I read the book, took notes, and the book has now been returned to the library (how dare someone else want to read it). So everything I create and talk about is based on my notes and my faulty memory (all memories are faulty, this is a fact of life).

[I don’t have to point out my sarcasm every time do I? Sarcasm just isn’t as clear when it’s through text and not spoken words. Or else I’ve not yet perfected the art. Or I’m underestimating your internal sarcasm readers. To be clear: I think libraries are great and I’m happy to return a book I’ve had for 6 weeks in order for someone else to be able to read it. The end.]


Project 1

Design a website that takes into account all of the advice from Don’t Make Me Think.

This is going to be fun.

And by “all of the advice”, I really mean all of the advice I’ve taken down in my notes. Which is likely not literally all of the advice, but rather the big important ideas.

I’ll be sharing the final outcome here on the blog, but if you’re interested in the process, hop on my list (tentatively called Letters from Bobbi. Creativity, people.) I’ll be sending a few letters about what I’m up to before I share the final product here. Stay tuned.