a manifesto of sorts

I believe in optimism. Choosing to see the good in people.

Trying new things. Exploring the world. Keeping an open mind. Thrill. Adventure.

Family. Appreciating the people that have helped me on my journey. Respect. Ongoing learning. Wandering.

That you should strive to be happy, first. That money isn’t the goal in life. To appreciate the little things and the now, instead of waiting on the future.

Kindness. Reflection. Calm. The awesomeness and power of nature. Making people’s day. Suprises. Hugs. Smiling.

Remembering the good times. Learning from mistakes. Letting go of things that can’t be controlled. Rolling with the punches.

Spur of the moment fun. Friends. Being silly. Not taking life too seriously.

Caring. Eating good food. Being healthy. Not taking your health for granted. Spending time with animals.


What do you believe in?